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Knowledge is not given to children. They acquire information about their physical and social world through playful interaction with other children, adults and objects. They are motivated by a natural desire to explore and make sense of the world around them.



We use empirical evidence-based information from peer reviewed research. We present the accepted facts, principles, models, and theories explaining how the natural and physical world works as recommended by a majority of practicing experts in that area of science. 



We strive to incorporate several different hands-on experiences into each lesson to facilitate the learning process. Information is presented in different ways so that it remains accessible to everyone.


Small Group

Classes are limited in size so that students receive individual focus for instruction but are still able to build and nurture social connections. 



Movement, imagination, and exploration are an integral part of a child's learning process. We begin and end our day with free-play to encourage social skills and self-discovery.



We encourage and support autonomy of the individual. Our program is an inclusive space and we welcome all, no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation or gender presentation. Our goal is to provide a learning environment in which each individual feels safe and valued.



Art, music, and movement are important components of making learning fun. We include these aspects of discovery as often as possible.

Acorn to Oak has been great. Our 8 year old son looks forward to the science class every week.

Joel G.

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