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Our response to COVID

These are unusual times and we are constantly working to stay informed. Navigating policies has been a challenge but our goal is to keep everyone as safe as possible in a small-group setting. While we cannot guarantee zero exposure, these are the steps we're taking to minimize the risk:

Mask Policy

We use an Adaptive Mask Policy based on the CDC's Community Levels. If the levels are low (green) for all of the counties listed below, masks are optional. 


If the levels rise to medium (yellow), masks are required when indoors until levels return to low (green) transmission. 

If the levels rise to high (red), masks are mandatory indoors and encouraged outdoors, with breaks for snack and lunch, until levels return to low (green) transmission.


The CDC updates the data on this page every Thursday evening; you will be notified of any resultant changes via email the following morning. The counties are:

  • Dekalb

  • Fulton

  • Gwinnett

Please note: Effective June 1, 2023, masks will no longer be required.



Each student is provided with a dedicated supply pouch containing the most used items for daily activities as well as a dedicated cubby space. This minimizes exposure from sharing common items.


Disinfection procedures

Frequently touched surfaces are treated with disinfectant between classes. A sink and anti-bacterial soap are readily available and frequent handwashing is encouraged.

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